London Day 1

1st May 2024
Day 1
We are now at the end of a fantastic day safely tucked up in our youth hostel. We had a great journey up with no delays or issues. We entered Harry Potter studios full of awe and wonder. We took part in a behind-the-scenes workshop where the children got to see actual movie costumes up close and got to distress their own piece of material to make it look as if it had been through a story!
The children were then enthralled by the props, scenery and costumes on show as we entered the main tour. We weaved our way through the different set pieces - checking out as many of the small details as we could.
Once we had finished, we took a coach (potentially the fanciest any of us had ever seen) to the youth hostel where we all ate a great dinner before going up to our rooms and settling down.
We will be up early tomorrow for breakfast before heading off to the Thames for a river tour and all of the other exciting activities planned!
(Do not expect an update until very late on Thursday evening!)