Welcome to Cedar Class

Welcome to Cedar's Class page. My name is Mrs Holland and I am the class teacher. The teaching assistants who work with us are Miss Hambleton-Jandrey and Mrs Rawlings. 

In Cedar Class the children of Year 1 and 2 are encouraged to learn through play, exploration of the classroom environment and independent learning challenges. We follow an immersive curriculum which is explored through different topics over the year, in order to offer the class real experiences and deep engagement with our core subjects.

Every morning, we have a mixture of adult-led, guided group and freeflow learning; the children are strongly encouraged to set their own challenge through the activities they choose to do. Across the afternoons we take part in specific tasks linked to our theme which apply practical, creative and playful methods of learning. Above all, the children’s time in Key Stage 1 is an opportunity to develop into independent, challenge-seeking individuals.

In the classroom, we promote our school values - Teamwork, Kindness, Respect, Honesty and Forgiveness. To reflect the self-awareness and self-regulation that we wish our children to have, our class works as a team to support and celebrate each other’s learning behaviours, to be the best we can be.

Our learning is recorded in different ways; we take great pride in our books with written, drawn and photographic evidence of our learning.

Below is a document containing lots of useful information about; PE day and required kit; snack; outdoor learning; start and end of day. 

At the start of every term, this web page will be updated with our new Curriculum Overview which provides a few suggestions of what you can choose to do at home to enrich the learning they have been doing in school for the various topics we cover. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. If you have any questions, please contact sampford@ventrus.org.uk.