Science week

8th March 2020
An egg drop investigation in Lewis Class...
The children spent the morning planning their investigations within teams. They first needed to design 3 ways to transport 3 eggs successfully with materials provided. They then wrote a prediction, a method and considered how to make it a fair test. After that, they worked together to create their designs before testing them in the afternoon. The children then wrote conclusions and reflected on the day. I was very impressed with their creativity and team-working skills throughout - well done Lewis Class!
Darwin class have been having a Science Week, with some material exploration and some STEM activities linked to our topic! The slime has been our favourite; the children explored the texture and properties, testing to see if it could pour and whether it was solid or liquid. They had to use their best engineering skills to try and build a bridge strong enough to withstand the Three Billy Goats Gruff crossing it; this involved lots of teamwork, discussion and editing!