Exeter Mosque and Cathedral Visit

8th December 2022
On Thursday 8thDecember, the children of Ash Class ventured to Exeter on the train to deepen their knowledge of places of worship. Last term, we studied Islam: Where Muslims are in our communities; what the 5 pillars mean to them; and comparing similarities with Christianity. 
We were met by Iman Ahmed, who is the leader of the mosque, and would be our guide for our time there. After removing our shoes, we entered the main prayer hall where we had a talk about the five pillars as well as all of the events which happen in the mosque and Islamic Centre. The children then had an opportunity to ask questions - here the children really showed how well they had listened to the Imam and how much knowledge they had gathered from their R.E unit in the previous term. 
Imam Ahmed and his colleagues then put on refreshments for the children and staff - which was greatly appreciated! 
Once we had thanks the Imam, we headed off to the Cathedral - dodging through the Christmas Market and taking in the decorations - to explore the similarities and differences between the places of worship. 
After that, we jumped back on the train to Sampford! A great day!