Grenville Day 3

20th September 2023
Day 3 comes to a close after a REALLY busy day. Yet again the children have covered themselves in glory and have had more comments from the instructors about their overall spirit towards the activities today.
First of all they tackled the indoor climbing and bouldering - with the children playing games on the wall and ringing the bell at the top of the climb.
In the afternoon we went coasteering (Mr Snow's personal favourite) and it didn't disappoint. Because the children were so organised and ready, the instructors were able to take us to the furthest and highest jump with all the children jumping into the water from the variety of jumps on the way. We even had time to explore the rockpools on the way back as the children had navigated the course so well. 
After another great dinner, we headed out to the harbour to check out the sights of Brixham (and with a bonus bit of stargazing knowledge from Mr Curnow).