Grenville Day 4

21st September 2023
So that's the end of our final full day of activities at Grenville. We have had a fantastic day where we spent the morning on Berry Head completing an orienteering exercise - with the children in one group finding all 10 (a feat which does not occur very often!) #
After lunch we set off in the centre's minibus for the cave system. The children prepared really quickly after lunch as they had a mission: to get to the bottom of the cave system! After year of attending these residentials, neither Mr Snow nor Mr Curnow had ever made it all of the way down...but today we did!! The children were excellent - listening really carefully and working well as a team to move quickly, confidently and (of course) safely to their goal. The children were amazed by the rock formations and the clarity of the water in the underground lake. 
Once we were back, and after another fantastic dinner (this time a roast), we settled down to complete a quiz during our final evening - with one of our teams scoring 45/60 in the music round and 46/50 in the general/Grenville knowledge quiz! Amazing! 
There was both good and bad news when it came to revealing the scores of the room inspections. The girls in Goss kept their room in immaculate condition all week - including dusting the edges and ledges!! Unfortunately, the boys (after receiving the highest score on day one) came last in the scores - meaning that they won the prize of doing additional washing up tomorrow morning. 
We are all looking forward to canoeing tomorrow morning before we head back home!