Grenville Day 3

16th November 2022
Day 3 saw a change of plans dues to the weather today - although it did nothing to dampen the children's spirits. Group 3 got organised early and went off caving. All the children ventured in and did brilliantly to work through the system of tunnels and chambers. 
Groups 1 and 2 were busy tackling the high ropes with ALL the children scaling the leap of faith platform and jumping off and grabbing the bar! These groups then used their new-found-faith in the ropes and harnesses when completing the tasks set them in indoor climbing - again with all children scaling a number of routes to the top and playing numerous games on the bouldering wall. 
Group 3 win the award for perseverance by braving the elements in the canoes. Although the weather was pretty awful, they all paddled their best and jumped in. 
For dinner it was lasagne with garlic bread - another popular meal.