Staff List

  • Mr Gary Chown

    Chief Executive

Mr Gary Chown is Chief Executive for Ventrus.
  • Miss Sarah Price

    Headteacher & Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr Kevin Snow

    Drake Class Teacher (Y5/6)

  • Miss Lynsey Holland

    Lewis Class Teacher (Y3/4)

  • Miss Eloise Keatley

    Seacole Class Teacher (Y1/2)

  • Miss Jessica Dillon

    Darwin Class Teacher (YR) Early Years Leader & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr Stewart Leaman

    Lead Pre-School Practitioner

Teaching Assistants

All our LSAs also fulfil the role of Play leader at lunchtimes. They facilitate constructive playground games such as skipping, hopscotch and circle games. They help children to develop their skills when using our lunchtime equipment which ranges from pogo sticks to skittles. A sport activity is always available such as football, dodge ball and basketball. There are also opportunities for children to participate in a quiet indoor activity which includes art, computers, construction or board games.


  • Mrs Sarah French

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Joanna Dave


  • Miss Hayley Keary


  • Mr David Curnow

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Lisa Hambleton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Allisan Shaw

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Carlie Salter

    Teaching Assistant & Mental Health Lead

  • Mrs Linda Dawson

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Amy Greenwood


Kitchen Staff
  • Mrs Caroline Locke


Meal Time Assistants
  • Mrs Sally Sutton

    Meal Time Assistant

  • Mr Steve Cox

    Premises Manager