Collective Worship

Collective worship is an important part of the day and is based upon the foundations and principles of the Church of England. It is a chance for us to come together and think about our school and values and to reflect on the teachings of the Bible.

We follow the structure of 'Gathering' 'Engaging' 'Responding' and 'Sending' 

Gathering - A special atmosphere is created to show the children that this is a distinctive part of our school day. We light a candle and say "We light this candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world."

Engaging - We engage (‘get to grips with’) the big things and the little things in life. We encounter Jesus and the stories of the Bible, and reflect on these.

Responding - Time is given for individual and group, reflection and thought, so that those attending can respond in a variety of ways. 

Sending - Summarising the worship in a meaningful short message used to create an opportunity for those attending to implement the ideas covered and to conclude the worship

The act of collective worship is cross-curricular in content. It links with the aims of the school and relates especially to the social, moral, spiritual and cultural education of the children. Children bring to the worship information and ideas arising from their work within a range of curriculum areas. In addition, opportunities for citizenship are developed by encouraging the participation of all children in child led or class led collective worships, and by the participation of the Ethos Team and School Council members in both whole school and whole class collective worship.

Timetable of collective worship 

Monday – Led by the headteacher and focuses on school Values, British values, other non-Christian religious festivals and citizenship. 

Tuesday – Class worship which may be a follow up discussion from Monday’s worship or a discussion on social and emotion development to support the children with any friendship issues (this is very dependent on the needs of the class at the time).

Wednesday – Robin’s worships include Christian festivals and stories from the bible. He links these to topics that will help children gain an understanding of the wider world issues eg Why Christians’ Care for Creation was linked to National Recycling week, Joseph the Prisoner was linked to Human Rights (refugees) and What did Jesus Look Like was linked to Black History Month. 

Open the Book also come into school to share stories from the bible on this day each month.

Robin Budgell is our Children, Families and Schools Worker for SPTMC. 

Thursday – Singing worship is led by Mr Snow/Mrs Wakefield and the children learn songs for Harvest, Christingle, Remembrance, Easter and other school events.

Friday – Celebration worship is led by one of our teachers. The children are awarded Star of the Week/Golden Leaves and other achievements are celebrated.

Withdrawing Pupils from Collective Worship

As a Church of England school we hold great value in the power of collective worship and view it is time to help children discover their place in the world. We also feel that it provides an excellent opportunity for children to explore their own beliefs, gain an understanding of God and discover similarities and differences between Christianity and other religions. However, if you would like to withdraw your child totally or partially from collective worship, please contact Miss Price so that we can discuss the withdrawal and explore your concerns.