Grenville Day 2

15th November 2022
Day 2 at Grenville is over for the day and the children have had a blast! This morning, all three groups went coasteering together which involved traversing the coastline, splashing into the water, riding the waves, swimming through a sea cave and jumping of the cliff into the water below. 
In the afternoon, groups 1 and 2 went canoeing and had a great time playing games and having plenty of time to jump in! 
Meanwhile group 3 hit the high ropes - including the leap of faith! Mr Curnow was really impressed with the effort and perseverance of the children. They also learnt skills in belaying and spotting - and obviously supporting their fellow students by cheering them on!
For dinner today the children filled their boots with sausage and mash; we're not sure where they put it all!