We understand that having a strong mathematical foundation – where children can recall number facts quickly and accurately – is important as it allows them to build upon this knowledge. Teachers use White Rose Maths to revisit and embed maths skills. This is a mastery approach which allows all children the opportunity to access the relevant curriculum content for their age with challenge and support offered as required. 

We use rich questioning and discussion to deepen their understanding and to make them active and valued participants in the maths sessions; this leads to children having a positive attitude towards maths and an ‘I can’ mind-set. Throughout the year we reflect on our teaching through a wide range of activities including: pupil voice, staff training (both in and outside of school), collaborative planning, book scrutinies and observations. We use these to inform our planning to ensure that the children are receiving a high quality experience at Sampford Peverell.

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Early Years
Key Stage 1 
Key Stage 2
We have adopted the mastery approach set of by White Rose Maths to encourage the children to think deeply about mathematical ideas. The mastery approach is centred around the main concept of offering children a variety of representations of maths – concrete, pictorial and abstract. It is designed to give teachers the opportunities to cover areas of maths individually, give children a secure and deep understanding of those areas, and then to offer challenge and support when necessary.

The connective model is also used to help children make links across the maths curriculum. This helps children make links between symbols, images, language and context of calculations. In class we represent these findings in a number of ways with physical equipment, displays and diagrams.

White Rose Maths is used by teachers to help plan and deliver lessons alongside numerous other strategies including concepts and guidance from the National Centre for Excellence in the teaching of Maths (NCETM). The school has adopted the calculation policy from White Rose Maths to ensure that there is a consistent approach across all year groups in the teaching of the four number operations. These calculation documents show a clear progression throughout the year groups and are linked to the concrete – pictorial – abstract learning strategy and could be useful for parents to look at to support learning at home. 

Within the Foundation Stage (FS) of Sampford Peverell – including our First Steps Nursery – we teach the children: problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills which is adult supported. We offer the children daily informal opportunities to develop their mathematical understanding through child and adult initiated activities.

For Key Stage 1 and 2 the year group objectives for maths are available to read below:

Year 1 Maths Objectives

Year 2 Maths Objectives

Year 3 Maths Objectives

Year 4 Maths Objectives

Year 5 Maths Objectives

Year 6 Maths Objectives

The impact of our mathematics curriculum is designed to promote children's love of the subject and their natural curiosity for the world around them. We aim to provide children the skills and knowledge to make progress from their starting points and equip them for life beyond school. 
We aim to give children a range of problem solving skills which will benefit them throughout their school life and into adulthood:
  • Thinking mathematically
  • Explaining and justifying their ideas and answers
  • Spotting, making and exploring connections
  • Applying known facts in a flexible manner
  • Working collaboratively