Growth Mindset

What is a growth mindset?

Over four decades and countless studies, Carol Dweck and other mindset researchers have provided empirical evidence that people with growth mindsets are more:

  • Open to challenges and constructively critical feedback
  • Resilient in the face of obstacles and initial failure
  • Convinced that individual effort makes a difference
  • Likely to attribute success and failure to their own efforts, rather than to their innate abilities
  • Able to learn well with and from others
  • Likely to rise to the top – and stay there

(from Growth Mindset Pocketbook by Barry Hymer & Mike Gershon)


How to support your child to develop a growth mindset.

Some ways we can begin building a growth mindset culture?

  • Adopt a ‘glass half full’ mentality at home. A child with ‘hope’ believes there can be a positive side to most situations.
  • Always praise a child’s willingness to try, (effort, patience, practice)
  • Praise the amount of effort your child is putting into things rather than how clever they are;
  • Talk to your children about their brain being like a muscle - the more they use it, the stronger it gets;
  • Encourage your children to not give up if they are finding something difficult;
  • Challenge your children to try something new or challenging;
  • Promote learning goals.