Grenville Day 5

11th October 2019
So, our time at Grenville is now over but not until we had completed our last activity of the day. Groups 1 and 2 descended into the cave whilst group 3 paddled out into the bay.
In the cave network, the children were brilliant - showing great teamwork to assit each other up and down the various climbs and descents. Several children braved the HUGE puddle at the end of the 'Cheese Grater' - watch the video to find out who! (apologies for the length of the movies but i wanted you to see it in its entirity).
Out on the water the children loved to paddle and jump into the water but the main event was the seal which swam between the canoes and played around underneath - close enough to touch!
By now, all the children and staff are at home hopefully getting ome well deserved rest! A big thanks to all the children for pushing themselves beyond their limits and for all the Ventrus staff for organising, running and supporting the event: we had a blast.