Our Ethos, Vision and Values

Our Ethos

Our vision and accompanying values form the foundations from which all children and adults, irrespective of their faith or background, can be successful and thrive. 
We are a Church of England school in the Diocese of Exeter. We recognise our school's historic foundation and strive to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles and practice of the Church of England in partnership with the Parish Church (St John the Baptist) and the Diocese.
Our school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith through the experiences we offer our pupils. 

At Sampford Peverell C of E Primary School, we provide an attachment-friendly community which fosters warmth alongside high expectation so that all can 'Aim for the Highest' and achieve their full potential. We emphasise to the children the need to layer new learning upon strong foundations and support them in developing their metacognitive thinking so that they can overcome obstacles. Helping them to make the transition from the negative 'I can't' to the proactive 'How can I?'

Our school is a place where everyone is able to flourish in a caring, supportive and safe environment; where we embrace individuality and celebrate those qualities that make us all unique.

We strive for our children to be caring and empathetic, and to think critically about the world they live in. We are determined that our children will develop the knowledge and skills that they will need for them to become responsible citizens and to positively contribute to the sustainable future of our world.

Our Vision

We 'Aim for our highest' by following our school values and creating strong foundations to grow and learn. 

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24)

Our Values

The following values have been adopted by the school and form the basis of our day to day reflections.

Honesty - In school, we encourage everyone to be truthful in their dealings with one anotherChristians believe that truth is revealed in the Bible, showing us the way that God means us to live.  

Respect  - In school, everyone is expected to show respect for each other, their belongings and their environment. The Bible teachers Christians to respect all creation, including all people, animals and our environment.  

Teamwork  - In school, we are taught to value the contribution that everyone makes to the team and that by working together we can improve the local and global communities we live in. The Bible teaches Christians that life is a gift from God and it is our responsibility to use our talents and abilities in the best way we can.  

Forgiveness - In school,  everyone is helped to acknowledge that we all make mistakes and we encourage everyone to show forgiveness to each other. The Bible teaches Christians that forgiveness is the means by which damaged relationships can be restored.

Kindness - In school, everyone is encouraged to be caring and empathetic to the feelings of others and to show kindness by treating others how they would like to be treated. Christians believe that kindness has the power to soften hearts.

Courage - In school, we encourage everyone to overcome their fears by participating in the wide range of experiences offered at school.  All children are different but we believe that by showing courage they will be able to live a ‘life in all its fullness’.