Grenville Day 4

28th September 2018
The final full day of activities is coming to the end and both group have (yet again) had an amazing day full of overcoming challenges. This morning Mr Snow's group had to climb the heights of the high ropes. One of our groups managed to build an 11 story tower made of bottle crates before the time ran out and the column came crashing down. Then all of the children managed to climb the pole and complete the 'Leap of Faith' with many opting for the bonus 'Spiderman' pose on the way down. (Also, make sure you ask the children what happened to Mr Snow when he completed the 'Leap of Faith'!)
Meanwhile, Miss Hurford's group had a great time in the climbing and bouldering hall preparing them for the abseiling which was to come in the afternoon. There were many an achy hand after participating in the 'Shape Game' on the bouldering wall.
In the afternoon, one group headed down to the sea to build and then sail their own rafts whilst the other headed up to Berry Head to attempt the 75 foot high abseil. The children on the rafts had a brilliant time learning new knots (square and reef in case you were wondering) which held their rafts together brilliant. I am sure that their experiences on the raft today will put them in great stead for tomorrows canoeing activity.
High up on the cliff-edge, Miss Hurford's group all attempted the abseil and had some super experience building whilst doing so - with many of them having to conquer fears of heights during their time strapped into the harness.
It seems that as each day passes, the children's favourite activities seem to change to the latest that they have tackled so we look forward to the last of our activities tomorrow before heading home.