Grenville Day 2

25th September 2018
There was a slight change in activities today which the children adapted to brilliantly. Miss Hurford's group delved into the depths of the cave system with the children working well together to support each other through the tight spaces underground. Only a few children could face the 'Cheese Grater,' even Miss Hurford gave that a miss.
Mr Snow's group had the surprise of abseiling in the morning when they originally thought they were going to be indoor climbing. After grabbing their harnesses and helmets, they walked up to Berry Head and then down to the quarry. Phil, our instructor, did an amazing job in teaching the children to trust the rope and to overcome any anxieties the children may have had about the descent. Once they were strapped in, all of the children did brilliantly to get to the bottom! 100%!
In the afternoon session, all of the children of Sampford were reunited to take part in orienteering back up on Berry Head - the children certainly earned their dinner tonight! One group decided that they would explore the wrong area of Berry Head trying to find one checkpoint but showed great resilience in finally finding the correct point. From then on it was plain sailing for both group as they ticked off loads of checkpoints and kept together brilliantly as a team.
Tomorrow will bring more challenges - but after the skills they have acquired today we are sure that they will take them head on!