Grenville Day 3

26th September 2018
Another super-jam-packed day is coming to an end as we have just had a delicious chicken curry dinner (accompanied by the LARGEST papadums I have ever seen!) Today the groups have been completing the high ropes course - with all the children doing 'The Leap of Faith' (plus Miss Hurford) whilst the other group got to grips with some tricky problem solving in the courtyard. Yet again the children showed some amazing teamwork skills and were encouraging towards others throughout all of the tasks.
It was also brilliant to have Becca celebrate her birthday with us here - especially as we all got some lovely chocolate cake for lunch!
In the afternoon Mr Snow's group were inside tackling the bouldering and climbing walls and having great fun playing a range of games - including being ninja squirrels! The children used their skills acquired from abseiling and gained even more confidence when facing heights which will hopefully help tomorrow.
Miss Hurford and her group set out in their canoes right out to the point where they met two seals - one of which followed them back into the harbour. Once they arrived back at the slip way, they played some games, braved the waters and jumped in.