Grenville Day 1

24th September 2018
Day 1 is now at an end with the children in bed after a great afternoon of activities. One of our groups headed down into the cave system whilst the second group hit the high seas in their home-made rafts!
In the caves the children had to work together to climb up some tricky parts, slide down some slippery slopes and squeeze through some tights spaces. Many chose to squeeze themselves through 'The Cheese Grater' which resulted in a lot of muddy children!
Out on the water the children had a fantastic time creating their raft with some of the children tying some very impressive and strong knots. Their raft survived the entire trip with the children (and Miss Hurford) jumping off the sides in the 'Race Around the Raft' game.
The children were then all showered ready for dinner of pasta bolognaise which went down very well with all the children eating well. After an evening of choosing activities, the children have hit their beds - hopefully for a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow!
Caving pictures to follow when we return.