About the Local Governing Body

Remit of the Local Governing Body

The purpose of the LGB is to ensure that there is sufficient local governance at the school, which itself forms part of a multi-academy comprising a number of different schools in a number of different areas. This multi-academy is called the Primary Academies Trust, and it is the Board of Directors of the Primary Academies Trust which holds statutory responsibility for governance at our school.

The Board of Directors has delegated responsibility for governance of local issues to the LGB. The full Terms of Reference for the LGB are available below, but some of the LGB's key responsibilities include: monitoring the School Improvement Plan and the quality of teaching and learning in the school; monitoring the implementation of behaviour policies in the school; monitoring the use of sports premium and pupil premium funds, and provision for SEND; and reviewing local compliance with health and safety and safeguarding.

The current Terms of Reference for the LGB can be found by clicking the link below:

For more information about Ventrus, and its Board of Directors please visit the Ventrus website by clicking the following link:

Information about becoming an LGB member

If you are interested in becoming involved with the school then please make contact through the School Office, or by speaking with the Head of School, to register your interest.

You can also help the school by getting involved with the PTFA, either by making contact through the School Office or directly with the PTFA. More information about the PTFA can be found by visiting the PTFA section of this website

Contacting the LGB

If you need to contact the LGB, then please make contact through the Clerk to the governors.

Emma Emery - eemery@ventrus.org.uk