Useful Information

In our setting, we have Mr Leaman who works in First Steps as the lead practitioner, and Miss Dillon, the EYFS Leader and teacher. Mrs French works as our Early Years assistant and Miss Hambleton also works in our Foundation Unit in the mornings. First Steps is also overseen by our headteacher, Miss Price, as we are part of the school. We work as a team, so please feel free to come in and ask questions if you have any! 
We have 3 rounds of intake groups each year. Our administrator shall contact you the term before your child is due to start to arrange all the necessary arrangements. Please note that the survey required to request a place is on our Welcome page and repeated below the following information. It must be filled out for us to register your interest in a space at our setting. 

For Autumn intake, you shall be contacted during the second half of the Summer Term (around June) for a September start date. 

For Spring intake, you shall be contacted during the second half of the Autumn Term (around November) for a January start date.

For Summer intake, you shall be contacted during the second half of the Spring Term (around the end of February) for an April start date. 

If you wish to change your child's hours and sessions, this can only be submitted in writing for the upcoming term; changes cannot be made between terms.

Here is a gallery showing pictures of our lovely preschool provision at First Steps. We have plenty of outdoor space and use both our classroom and Darwin classroom for our learning and playing. When your little one joins us, you will be given a login to Tapestry. On this, you will see photographs and comments on everything they have been learning!
Further information
When your child starts with us, several key events happen before and when they begin. After filling out the survey, you will be contacted at the stated times on the left, when you will be sent a pack of registration forms to fill out; when you return these, you are required to bring in a copy of their birth certificate and any evidence of funding if required (see the section below). Afterwards, our EYFS Lead will contact you to organise the home visit and their start date; they begin with a decreased session of two hours which parents are invited to stay with them for, and this is repeated until they are ready to attend the full hours requested without a parent present.
Your child needs to bring a water bottle, a packed lunch (if staying for afternoon session and not having school lunch), a full change of clothing and nappies, if they are wearing them. Toilet training can difficult for some children, so we like to work hard with parents/guardians to help all children become independent with toileting. However, if children are not toilet trained we have a changing area which can be used for children in nappies.
As we have a mixture of ages in our setting, there are a mixture of funding options available for you. These differ depending on whether they are 2 years old, 3 or 4 years old, your family circumstances and your working entitlement. Therefore, please check the link below to research what you are entitled to before starting with us at First Steps. We require evidence of any funding entitlement. The 30-hour funding for 3-year-old requires an application; once you have done so, please send the 11-digit code (starting with 500) that you are given along with your National Insurance number to the school office at
On this page you will find a selection of our policies, the ones that we consider parents will find useful and informative. If you would like to see the full set of our policies please enquire at the main school office.