This Week's Homework

Week ending 14.06.19

What a terrible week of rainy weather! Nonetheless, this is a reminder to pack a named/labelled bottle of sun cream that can permanently stay in their tray with a sun hat. You never know, the sun might return in time for the summer! Thank you for your responses to Pennywell Farm, please ensure your permission letter has been returned so we can finalise numbers. 

This week Seacole class have been working hard to recall 3D shape skills, including using mirrors to find symmetrical patterns. In English we have written the most amazing descriptive poems; we've been filling the classroom up with our incredible ideas and adjectives! We became Camille Saint-Saens this week by composing our own music around animals; it was beautiful and noisy. We also enjoyed lots of sessions of listening to different genres of music, drawing and moving to represent the sounds we could hear!

ENGLISH: Since you have been enjoying writing poetry about dragons so much, I think it would be fantastic to see you have a go at creating one completely independently at home! You could try another descriptive poem or you could use your skills of rhyming and acrostic poetry. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

MATHS: Well done Seacole; we have tried so many different Mathletics challenges that I've set them all once! So you may find that you are revising some that you have previously had before. Nonetheless, this is a good opportunity to try and improve your understanding. Any practise will help you become more confident in class when we learn about the techniques again!

THEME: We are about to move on to learning about an artist called Wassily Kandinsky; can you research him and his artwork? My challenge for you is to write a very short biography about him to go up on our working wall!