This Week's Homework

WB 17.12.18

Wow, what a week we had last week! Between the Nativity rehearsals, the performance and our big trip themed around ‘The Snow Queen’, we have barely paused for breath. The children have been incredible throughout, well done! In Maths we used our learning about patterns to create stained glass windows using tissue paper shapes and laminate sheets. In English, we have used all of our knowledge about the characters, settings and events in ‘The Snow Queen’ to create our own story! What creative villains the children created...

Your main homework for the holidays is to relax, have fun, eat treats, spend time with your family and play with all those new gifts. I have attached the 10-a-day mental well-being document we have been using to show you just how important it is to look after your mental health as well as your physical health. Nonetheless, if you are up for a challenge and miss doing some learning, try some of the activities below!

ENGLISH:  Revisit those common exception words (the document I’ve attached below this). We are getting better and better at sounding out pesky long words, but those tricky words just need to be memorised. Try and create games that help you remember how to spell them; you could write each letter in a different colour, or you could create flashcards to look, cover, write! The more creative it is, the more likely it is that you will remember them all!

MATHS: I will set a new set of Mathletics challenges for the holidays; I will add a few extra to give you even more chances to earn those certificates.

THEME: When we return after the Christmas break, we will be revisiting the PSHE core focus we started in September. Therefore, I want to reiterate the words written in bold above; focus on your 10-a-day wellbeing, you have worked hard all term so have a lovely break! I would LOVE to see any fantastic festive fun on Tapestry!