This Week's Homework

WB 11.02.19 

Well done Seacole, only a few days left to go until half-term! It has gone so quickly! We have been comparing the UK with The Gambia all week and we have learned just how different they are. There has been fantastic engagement from all of the children, keep it up! This week we will be ensuring that we are prepared for the big showcase of the learning we have been doing for our theme of This Is Me. I’m keeping my lips zipped, you’ll have to come in on Thursday to take a look!

ENGLISH: On our return from half-term, we will be having a focus on the LOVE of reading. Please use this half-term as an opportunity to go book-crazy! Take some photos of the different places you read and show me just how committed you are to your own reading journey! I would like to see these on Tapestry, the crazier the better.

MATHS: We have needed to spend some time recapping our fluency in number bonds, place value and our general understanding of how to represent numbers. I have set a bumper crop of Mathletics challenges that are designed to really enhance these skills. Please have a go!

THEME:  We are going to be kick-starting our brand new theme after half-term and it’s all about…Very Important People! We will get our brains working by learning about all sorts of famous people from around the world, finding out about their achievements and how we can be just like them. Since we are going to be putting ourselves in the shoes of authors, explorers, scientists, astronauts, pilots and more, it would be great if you started thinking about which (real) famous person you most admire. I think we’re likely to get lots of footballers, so try to stretch yourself to think about somebody completely different to any others! Can you create a poster about your chosen famous person?