This Week's Homework

Week ending 28.06.19

What an amazing Sports Week we had! The children absolutely loved seeing all the different coaches and trying so many different sports. I was so pleased to see superb sportsmanship and effort from everyone. It was so hot on Friday but that didn't hold any of the children back! Next week we will be back to normal timetable so have a rest and get ready!

ENGLISH: We will be moving on to our next unit which will be a recount about our trip (coming up incredibly soon!). We will be talking about time connectives for the first time this year; how many can you find and write down in a list for our working wall? Good luck!

MATHS: Have a go at the Mathletics challenges I have set!

THEME: We are so close to applying all of the learning we have been doing for music and art to have a completely independent expression of our creativity! We are learning about colour mixing next week and learning to create different shades. Can you find natural items of different colours (such as leaves or petals), stick them on a piece of paper and try to create their exact shade? This could be using paint, pencils or anything else that creates colour!