This Week's Homework

Homework now set Friday to Friday - due in Thursday 4th April
Maths: Mathletics is set so please complete the tasks. If all of those are complete, they could look at areas where they have score less than 80% and attempt them again - looking and fractions, decimals and percentages would be especially helpful. Children should be aware of what areas they need to work on in their arithmetic too. Also, the more multiplication table recall they could do, the better - the old chanting it out way is still a pretty good way of doing it or there a a number of free websites or app available. There is also 'Multiverse' which you can access for free through the Mathletics website - but unfortunately not the app.
This week I would like the children too look at answering any of the BIG questions that they may have about space. During our work in school they are forever coming up with questions like: How are stars born? How was the moon created? How far away is...? This week's task is to answer some of these questions and present their findings however they wish.  
 Unfortunately many children are not completing either of their homework tasks. There are always opportunities to complete tasks in school (in their own time). If they need resources - such as paper etc. I can provide them.
I have reset all of the Mathletics tasks back to zero. They will now have 5-10 to complete each week. if homework is not completed, they will have to do it in their Golden Time. 
Above are examples of the homework brought in by the children.