This Week's Homework

Week Beginning: 11/02/19
Maths: Mathletics homework has been set and children should be aware of what areas they need to work on in their arithmetic too. Also, the more multiplication table recall they could do, the better - the old chanting it out way is still a pretty good way of doing it or there a a number of free websites or app available. There is also 'Multiverse' which you can access for free through the Mathletics website - but unfortunately not the app.
Theme: Talk about the whole of the 'This is ME' Theme this year as it is coming to an end. What did you enjoy most? What activities did you do? What have you learnt about yourself? What could we do next time? Is there anything else you would like to learn about yourself?  Writer down a few of these ideas onto a piece of paper and bring it in after half term - ready for the new theme: V.I.P! 
Also, for World Book Day - which will be held a week after the national one (due to the London trip) - we will be focusing on David Walliams as our author. So if you have any of his books, please could you bring them in for the class to use and read. We will then be dressing up as a character from a David Walliams book on the 8th March! So get your costumes ready!
Some examples of the amazing World War related homework the children have researched as part of their homework!