This Week's Homework

Homework now set Friday to Friday - due in Friday 21st June
Maths: Mathletics activities have been set.
Also, the more multiplication table recall they could do, the better - the old chanting it out way is still a pretty good way of doing it or there a a number of free websites or app available. There is also 'Multiverse' which you can access for free through the Mathletics website - but unfortunately not the app.
This week the children will be creating their own Tudor product which will show an in-depth understanding of a particular are of the Tudors (which we haven't covered already in class). It could be: a particular battle, monarch, event, object etc and they will be able to present their knowledge however they wish.
Don't forget that on Friday the children will be hosting a Tudor banquet which all adults are encouraged to attend. Again, if you could bring in a small amount of Tudor-style food for us to snack on (the children will have already eaten their lunch) as well as any bowls of wooden cutlery you have along with some large white tablecloths if possible.  
Above are examples of the homework brought in by the children.