This Topic's Home Learning

A new scheme is beginning called 'Rainbow Spellings' which will be handed out next week during parent's evening. The expectation is that the children learn all of the spelling on the sheet given before they move onto the next. 

Children should still read out loud as often as possible and should read for at least 30 minutes three times a week. The more you can talk to them about their book, the better: What has happened? Can you summarise the book? Were there any interesting words? How do you think the story is going?

Multiplication Tables:

Children in Key Stage 2 should know all of their multiplication tables (and related division facts) and be able to recall them quickly and accurately. There are some easy to use websites, apps and books which can help increase this knowledge but simply asking them to recite them, write them out or answer quick-fire questions (really easy to do on the move too!)

 Home Learning Activities:

Here are some suggested activities which the children could complete but any other additional learning at home is welcome so please encourage them to bring in what they have discovered or created.

In our topic over the next three weeks, we will be studying the Ancient Greeks. We had some amazing homework in during our geography topic so I am really looking forward to seeing what will be produced this time. Possible home activities could be:
- bring in a book to look at
- write out some interesting facts about life in Ancient Greece
- create a clay/plasticine model of a Greek sculpture
- a PowerPoint on the Greeks
- a Greek myth retelling
- a drawing of a Greek house/artifact/God/Goddess
- an iMovie/Video presentation.
Above are examples of the homework brought in by the children.