Grenville Day 5

28th September 2018
All the children arrived home tired and full of stories at the end of day 5. After a final morning of activities - with Mr Snow's group taking to the water and Miss Hurford's solving problems - everything was packed up and tidied away ready to come home.
Canoeing was tough going. Unlike the other groups in the week, the weather had turned windier which meant that we couldn't go seal-spotting. However, the crew of Sampford children - with their two canoes tethered together for stability - worked brilliantly in unison to make great progress even against the wind. Once we arrived back near the slipway, it was then time to brave the waters once again and jump in (but only if you wanted too). Great fun was had by jumping from the prow into the water - luckily we were the first group back to the showers to warm up afterwards!
Meanwhile Miss Hurford's group had a much more sedate time back in the playground solving a number of problems. When the weather became a little too chilly, they moved inside to look at pattern and mystery solving.
Once we had claimed the last of the lost property and loaded our bags into the coach, we said our thanks and goodbyes to the staff at Grenville House.