Saxon Village Visit - Escot

On Tuesday the 12th of February the children of Drake class had an amazing day out at Escot's Wildwood Village - a recreated Saxon village. 
          The children arrived and were straight away given a chance to solve the problem of reaching the centre of a beech maze - and then navigating their way out again!
          Then it was time to enter the village itself. Dotted around the enclosure were a number of Saxon style houses - from small round houses to large 'Great Halls'. In among them were some 'Saxon' people who were busying themselves with tasks from that time period and dressed in authentic clothing. 
          Throughout the morning the children took part in loads of amazing activities which the Saxons themselves would have done - using the same apparatus that they would have used. Stand-out activities included using a working forge to create a penannular brooch made of copper; carving out Saxon runes to create a sign using a mallet and chisel; carefully using a wooden lathe to create a skittle and ball set; pushing a quern around to grind flour to make bread; and (of course) dressing up as Saxons!
          In the afternoon session the children went foraging for differnt plants that the Saxons would have used for medicine or eaten and during the trip they also got to see some animals which would have roamed the woodlands of Saxon Britain - wolves, lynxes and wild boar.
          After returning into the village (whilst impersonating a Viking attacking party) the children got to witness and coin being struck.