During the week running up to Remembrance, the children looked at what life would have been like for children during World War One. Each class then presented some of their work in the church as part of a wonderful exhibition to commemorate the 100 anniversary of 'The Great War' ending. 
As well as this, the children took part in some wonderful activities to show their respect and understanding of the sacrifices people made including: writing their own poetry; creating poppy lanterns for a procession to Connigar Hill to light a beacon; remembrance gardens; aerial photograph - using the children to create the image of a poppy; painting pebbles which were then hidden around the village; creating poppies to display at Tiverton Pannier Market; painting poppies in the style of Kandinsky and Monet; the choir sang as part of a community event; and made poppies using fabric to display around the school! WOW!
All of this was a small part of a MASSIVE community effort which saw the village host an number of informative and moving events across the week of Remembrance.