Wildside, year 3 residential

6th June 2019
We've arrived safe and sound. The children have settled into their tents and we are enjoying getting to know the children from Sidbury, playing games and running free. 
We have an action packed day ahead, so will update you as and when we can!
Day 1 so far....
What a busy day...we've been orienteering (a few getting stuck in the mud!), feeding the chickens and sheep, fawning over the baby rabbits and miniature Shetland foal and learning that pigs are for eating. We're just about to tuck into some tasty dinner ready for the night walk later. We're all VERY excited to be sleeping in the tents!!
Day 2.
Well...we certainly had a midnight walk!! We were very brave walking through the woods with only our night vision (torches were off). It was beautiful in the clearing using our senses to appreciate the sounds of owls and to just enjoy feeling "calm, happy and free". We followed glow sticks back, but stopped to watch the bats flying around catching insects.
We finished the night with a hot chocolate around the camp fire and got to bed at 1!!
We have all slept, the rain didn't wake us up too early. We are enjoying breakfast ready for another fun filled day.