Homework Archive - Summer

Archive 14.6.19
English: 1. Tell you friends and family everything you have found out this week about Alexander Calder.
2. Use the root word 'bake' to create a word family.
Maths: Use the 24 hour clock to make a daily timetable of your weekend! For example; I got up at 8.30am, etc...  Mathletics challenges have also been set!
Theme: Begin gathering junk modelling materials in preparation for our sculptures like Alexander Calder did.
ARCHIVE 07.6.19
What a busy first week back for the final half term! A brilliant day being a Roman on Wednesday followed by a fantastic camping trip to Wildside with the year 3s. Everyone took it in their stride and made the most out of every opportunity. (Pictures on the website coming soon!)
English: Write down as many homophones as you can! Then write some sentences ensuring you use each one correctly. For example; I wear sunglasses. Where are my sunglasses?
Maths: Keep working on telling the time! You can easily practise this at home using a watch or a clock. Parents - quiz children by randomly asking them the time to the nearest minute. Mathletics challenges have also been set!
Theme: Be ready to get arty with our new VIP, Alexander Calder!
Archive   24.5.19
English: I have been really impressed with the quality of writing this week! After half term, we will be writing up our setting descriptions for the hot write. Please make a plan of what you will include. 
Maths: After half-term, we will be focusing on time. Please start working on this at home so that you can get a head start. See if you can tell the time to the nearest minute!
Theme: Earlier this week, I sent out a letter about our Roman Empire immersion day on Wednesday the 5th of June. Please ensure you have planned your products and have the materials ready on the day so that you are ready to get creative! Also, get your costumes ready as there will be a prize for the most imaginative and likeness to either a Roman citizen in Britain or Roman soldier. 
Have a fun and relaxing half-term and please keep reading and talking to friends and family about the books you are enjoying!
English: Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit is our story that we are focusing on in English at the moment. For homework, I'd like you to tell the story in your own words and draw some illustrations to go with it. 
Maths: Keep thinking about money in real life situations and practise finding the correct amount of change. Ask your grown-ups at home if you can borrow some change and have a go! Also, make sure you complete the Mathletics challenges I have set. 
Theme: We have now started our brand new topic in theme - The Roman Empire. I would like you to find out about Julius Caeser (our new VIP).
Please keep reading and talking to friends and family about the books you are enjoying!
English: We have come to the end of our topic covering poetry but I would like you to remember the 4 different types of poems we learnt about and write a list of features for each one.
Maths: As we are learning about money, please make the most of real life situations that involve money and start thinking about how to give change for different amounts. There aren't many Mathletics challenges involving money so have a go at the arithmetic ones I have set too and go on multi-verse to practise your times tables.
Theme: Combine poetry and music learning to have a go at writing your own song!
Please keep reading and talking to friends and family about the books you are enjoying!
Archive - 26.4.19
We have had a brilliant start to a new term, well done for all your hard work this week as we get back into the swing of things. We have finished off our learning about fractions in Maths and started new topics in both English and Theme. Within English we have begun looking at poems linked to artwork by using our imaginations and creativity! Our theme learning for a few weeks is based on classical music with our VIP being the classical composer Mozart!
English: I would like you to find a poem that you really enjoy and bring it in to share with the class next week!
Maths: Keep practising your times tables -there are plenty of games and activities online and I would recommend using multi-verse on Mathletics. I have also set some challenges to consolidate your learning about fractions before starting out new topic next week.
Theme: Please research our new VIP - Mozart. Find his most famous pieces of music and have a listen!
Please keep reading and talking to friends and family about the books you are enjoying!
Year 4s: We are off to Escot on Monday! Please ensure you have got everything on the kit-list and are all prepared for our trip. I'm really excited to do some outdoor learning with you all!
Archive     3.5.19
What a week! The Year 4s had an amazing time at Escot. I felt very proud of them all, I saw them using all of our learning powers to overcome any challenges and new experiences. Well done Year 4s! I was also super proud of the year 3s for getting on with their work so well with us being away, they worked their socks off all week. We have one more week on poetry in English and music as part of our theme. We have also just started a brand new topic in maths - money! 
English: Use similes to write a small poem about anything you like!
Maths: We have been revisiting arithmetic on Fridays which has been really beneficial. Please practise at home too as well as times tables. Have a look at the Mathletics challenges that have been set. As we have moved on to money, speak to your parents/carers about how much things cost and have a go at finding different amounts using real change and notes. 
Theme: Create a poster about classical music and our VIP Mozart.
Please keep reading and talking to friends and family about the books you are enjoying!