Homework Archive - Autumn

Week Beginning: 10/12/18
Maths: Mathletics will be set once again this time on a one week target of 5 activities. It is really important that the children dip into this resource little and often so that the new skills that they have learnt in class can be embedded. Also, remember to encourage them to have a piece of paper by their side - Mathletics is not a mental maths application; it involves written methods too. 
Topic: (if they missed it last week then there's one more week to do it) This year we will be repeating the House Christmas Tree competition where children bring in their own homemade decorations to display on their house tree in the foyer. Please could all designs be in next Monday - 17th December 
Week Beginning: 03/12/18
Maths: This week is week 2 of the Mathletics targets. There seem to be some very difficult sections on this area so please encourage the children to try their best, write things down, come in and ask questions and not to worry if they can't do it. If they find it too difficult, then they can leave that section. 
English: In English we will be reading and then writing their own Christmas stories. Talk to them about what they have learnt in school and get them to tell you their ideas for their own story - can they verbally go through it? Encourage them to use description of both character and setting (by using expanded noun phrases - the misty, desolate mountain top) and to think about how speech is used. Look in their own books or Christmas stories about how speech marks are used.
Week beginning: 26/11/18
Maths: Mathletics activities have been set. This are once again activities to complete over a 2 WEEK PERIOD. Once they have completed their tasks, they can go into the other multiplication and division sections to fill in the missing blocks - I will also be giving them time in class to complete these. Also, children should have their arithmetic Test 1 on Tuesday with them - if they don't, ask them. 
Theme/English: Christmas is fast approaching so we will be switching to a design technology based unit all around Christmas Food. 
So, for homework, I would like them to investigate some Christmas recipes. Either print them off the internet of bring in a recipe book. Annotate them looking at how they are structured and laid out, the vocabulary used - noun phrases and imperative verbs and the use of punctuation. 
We will also be doing some narrative writing - looking to create our own Christmas stories. So if any of you have some Christmas based stories at home, please could you bring them in. 
Week beginning: 19/11/18
Maths: Mathletics activities have been set. This are once again activities to complete (unless they did them all last week). Once they have completed their tasks, they can go on the 'Live' or 'Multiverse' sections. Also, children should have their arithmetic Test 1 on Tuesday with them - if they don't, ask them. 
Theme/English: The children will be writing what we call a 'hybrid text'; this is where they are going to write a diary entry accompanied by a report about the same event. Currently we are looking at the story of the life of Charles Dickens and a text written as if he himself were writing it alongside a report of his life and features of Georgian society and extra background information about places and people in his life. The end goal is to write about Charles Darwin in the same style.
So the homework is for them to write a diary entry about a famous person of their choice (it only has to be about one event and one paragrah long) accompanied by a report (facts) about some background information about the famous person.
Week beginning: 12/11/18
Maths: Mathletics activities have been set. This is a 2 week block to complete. Once they have completed their tasks, they can go on the 'Live' or 'Multiverse' sections. Also, children should have Test 6 of their arithmetic with them - if they don't, ask them. 
Theme: We are entering a new 3 week block all linked to the science topic 'Evolution and Inheritance'. During this topic we will be looking at the life of Charles Darwin and his findings linked to evolution and adaption. Children could investigate how specific animals have adapted to their surrounding and then evolved because of this - like the giraffe has evolved to have a long neck so that it can eat the highest leaves on the trees. They could do some scientific drawings - like those that Darwin did - focusing on texture and form - as this will be our art focus. Finally they could look at the features and attributes that they have inherited from people in their family - through either through nature (their genes) or nurture (their upbringing).
Week Beginning: 05/11/18
Maths: Mathletics IS NOW WORKING! 
Just a reminder that the children should also be working on their arithmetic booklets (which they should have been bringing home) - working on 2 areas each week. In addition to this I would like the children to explain the 'Bar Model' and the 'Part-Whole' model to you at home and create a poster explaining it. A4 paper is available in school if needed. 
Theme: In class this week the children are learning about how World War One and how it effected children and the village. It would be great if you could stop to look at the poppies which have been placed outside the houses in the village and the information about the service men and women who lived their. Continue to talk to them and answer questions on the war and send them in with their questions too. They are currently creating a 'page project' on one area of the war - so any extra information they can get on these areas would be great.
Week beginning 29/10/18
Theme: This week I would like you to investigate 'The Best of British' in music. Talk to people at home about who they believe is one of the greatest British composers - this may be modern or classic. Write down 3 selections with the composer/singer/band and the song/piece title.
eg. Edward Elgar - Nimrod
      Paul McCartney - Good Day Sunshine
      Christine McVie - Songbird
We will then listen to a selection of these tracks in class as part of musical appreciation - so please make sure that they are suitable for children's ears!
Maths: As there has been an issue with login onto Mathletics this week, the same tasks will be set. Also don't forget to ask your children about their arithmetic tests they are working through and which 2 areas they need to practise. 
Weekly: Children should also be reading daily and recording their findings in their books - summarising the story, finding descriptive phrases, writing down unknown or interesting words and having an opinion about it.
Week beginning 15/10/18
This week the children have been set more than 5 activities so that they can be completed over the half-term holiday as well as this week. Once they have finished the set tasks, they can then go on the 'Games' section of Mathletics. 
In addition to this, they should also have a copy of the latest arithmetic test that they have completed; they should look to work on one or two areas that need developing so that they can improve in the next one that they take.
Our theme homework this week (and over half term) is to investigate World War One. When we return after half term, there will be a special commemoration in the village - looking at the centenary of the war ending in 1918. 
The children can look at any aspect of the war - from poetry to weapons - and they can present it in any way they wish - on computers, crafts, artwork, writing etc. 
Also it would be fantastic if the children could research part of their family history - including photograph/memories or even just their names.