Home learning in Foundation

Welcome to our home learning page! Please see below for the phonics home learning and suggestions to support their learning in different ways. Home learning in EYFS is the school expectation of 5 reads a week (at this point in the year, this includes being read to) and the phonics linked to our RWI. These are simple activities that should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete! Please see the front page of our Darwin class page if you want to take part in any optional enrichment activities linked to our topic.
Phonics home learning in Reception will be sent home on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. This Spring term, homework will mainly consist of digraph recognition, writing red words and reading our banded reading books three times a week.

Homework will be sent home in a folder if needed, and there is also a speed sounds book, where you can see which sounds we have looked at in class. Please ask your child to say the sound on the right hand side page. If they can't then turn the page to remind them of the picture prompt and read the letter rhyme to them. You might find it helpful to watch this Read Write Inc video to help with letter pronunciation.              

Please also practise writing the sounds with your child. When writing it is really important to remember that every letter starts with the phrase ‘ready to start’. You could practise on the worksheets provided or be creative and try writing in flour on a kitchen worktop or on a steamy bathroom window! Please take photos of any formation practise that you are really impressed with and upload on Tapestry.

You could also practise oral blending with your child. This is where you say the sounds of a word and your child has to blend the sounds together to say the word. For example, “time for b-e-d”

Happy homeworking!

More suggestions for additional home learning can be found here.