Christmas Enterprise

As part of a Christmas related topic we decided on a product that we would sell at our Christmas to try and maximise profit. It was decided that a chocolate product would be the best - for obvious reasons! As this was not a 'healthy eating' project but focused around making money, the children's imaginations were unleashed to come up with the best product. There were some amazing individual designs which were then made into 7 final group designs. 
The children the fully costed their products and thought carefully about the amounts needed to create their 8-10 identical products. 
A great lesson was learnt in regards to 'less is more' for some of them and others created designs which held together well whilst others were slightly flawed. Amazingly, we sold 44 products for a total value of £44 and our overall expenditure was... £43.06!! 
The children have now evaluated their designs and thought about changes to make more profit in the future.